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Simple text formatting

Simplest tags are:
  • [b]the text[/b] - format to bold: the text
  • [i]the text[/i] - format to italic: the text
  • [u]the text[/u] - format to underline: the text
You can join them as in this example:
ⓘ Example usage:
[b][u][i]bold, underline and italic[/][/][/]
will be rendered as bold, underline and italic


Also [p] tag is useful for marking one HTML paragraph:
ⓘ Example usage:
[p]This is just one paragraph of text.[/]


  • [h1]The top header[/] - Header of level #1 - top level header, good for main caption of main section
  • [h2]Level #2 header[/] - Header of level #2 - good for caption of subsection
  • [h3]Level #3 header[/] - Header of level #3 - good for caption of sub-subsection
  • ... up to six levels of headers - so [h6][/] is the "deepest" sub-sub-sub-...-section header


Lists are different than you can expect from a point of view of original BB-Code. They don't follow the XML-like open-close schema.

This is a proper list:
ⓘ Example usage:
[li]item 1
[li]item 2
[li]item 3

Which will render like this:
  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3

  • don't need to use [ul] for opening a list - it's just auto-opened if you simply start first point of a list by [li]
  • don't need to close every list point - just open next one by using next [li] or just close whole list by [/ul]

List of lists

The same simplified logic works for list-of-lists, so putting an list inside of an existing list item...
Just use [ul] opening tag, to enter the "deeper level", and use [/ul] for going out of a level.

For example this BB Code:
ⓘ Example usage:
[li]item 1
[ul][li]item 1.1
[li]item 1.2
[li]item 2

Will be render as:
  • item 1
    • item 1.1
    • item 1.2
  • item 2

Ignore part of BB text (aka comment-out)

For any reason, you may want to disable some part of text from viewing. (e.g. for finishing the sentence in the future or put a comment visible only to authors).

This is easy as:
ⓘ Example usage:
The piece of text [0]which will be invisible or[1] visible.
will render as:
The piece of text visible.

So simply put [0] to disable output. And from that position, all following text (even BB tags) will be ignored until [1] is found.


Link example:
ⓘ Example usage:
[link url=""]KEMU[/]
will look like this:
Just put your link target to "url" parameter, and between [link][/link] tags you put BB-Code which you want to look like a link.

If you put nothing between [link][/link] tags, then the url will be put automatically as a text of a link. Example:
[link url=""][/]
will look this:

Obviously other tags may be used inside of the link:
ⓘ Example usage:
[link url=""][b]KE[/][i]MU[/][/]
is rendered as:

Open in new window

To open a link in new window just add a "open" parameter. Like this:
ⓘ Example usage:
[link open url=""]KEMU[/]
will look like:
which is equivalent of putting target="_blank" in a html anchor tag.

Link relative to main url

For "relative" linking inside of given website use tag linkin:
ⓘ Example usage:
[linkin url="document/bb_code"]KEMU[[/]
will look like this:

It's not just shortcut, it's the only option to link relativelly to main url.
Let's explain by example:
assume you're on page and you want to put link to in your text. It looks like putting code [link url="the_subpage"][/] will work, as the_subpage will just be added to the current url.

But if you're already on another sub page - it will not work !

For example if you're on, using [link url="the_subpage"][/] will emit link to - which is not what you expected.

It's also useful to use the tag [linkin] for generating different links on your development vs production server.


To make a simple "hash target" known from links, just do:
[target id=the_target_in_text]
it will generate html: <a name="the_target_in_text">

So you can now jump to it with link: