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Free services

You can use this document as:
  • tutorial for KBB-Code - if you want to learn about modern BB code rules
  • guide or inspiration or specification for your own BB-Code implementation
  • guide/specification for bb2 node.js package implementation

You can download our node.js implementation of Kemu-BB-Code from github and use it freely, extend it freely...

If this website or KBB implementation is useful for you in any way please put some credits for that on your product which uses this.
Also it will be nice if you write few words about it on your blog, say few words to customers or just drop us an mail with your opinion.
Any feedback is appreciated !

Premium services

We also offer:
  • implementing BB-Code for your web or non-web service (in any programming language)
  • extending BB implementation according to your needs
  • validation tests implementation
  • training for you and your cooperatives in relation to BB-Code
  • any other service you can imagine in relation to BB-Code :)

Don't hesitate to contact us - ask questions directly... Take a look on Kemu Studio website