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Navigation menu

Most obvious use - this document website has a menu.
This menu is done completely, by just parsing BB-Code in one text-file.

For example, the "Overview" section looks like this:
ⓘ Example usage:
[menuItem urlPath="" contentPath="bb/idea"]Overview
    [menuItem urlPath="the_idea" contentPath="bb/idea" default]Introduction[/]
    [menuItem urlPath="the_idea" contentPath="bb/idea"]Why ?[/]
    [menuItem urlPath="the_idea" contentPath="bb/idea"]Simple code, smart parsing[/]
It just defines how the particular menu link should look like, and where too look for a text files to parse as content.
Simple and useful :)

Clickable mini-images

An example of embedding small images into the text is here:
Forget about reading the stuff (it's Polish!), just scroll a little bit down, and click on some images in the text - they will pop-up as big images.

It's all done just by adding this BB-Code:
ⓘ Example usage:
[imgMini]pizza_image_01.jpg[/] then another image: [imgMini]pizza_image_02.jpg[/]

Simple, isn't it ?

Embeding source code in text

This website uses it's own tag [code] to emit source code in preformatted way (some div and pre tags mix).

So this:
And_Another('line of code');[/code]

emits this:
ⓘ Example usage:
And_Another('line of code');

Public websites using KBB-Code

We use it on:

Our customers use it too, as a part of our CMS, for example:
...and lot other small websites we've developed...

Are you using BB-Code 2.0 as an idea for your own implementation - tell us.
Are you using our KBB implementation - tell us too.
If you want you project/website to be listed here - let us know some details of how you're using bb2 and we're publish it here.